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Robin Lockett

Canidate for Tampa City Council

Meet Robin Lockett

Robin is a native of Tampa with solid roots in the Tampa Bay area, she is a proud mom of Cedric and Xavier and a grandmother of 2 . She graduated from Tampa Bay Tech High School and attended Hillsborough Community College, she is also a faithful member of Bible Based Fellowship Church of Temple Terrace.

Robin has been dedicated to the empowerment of communities, she states education equals empowerment, providing communities with information so that they can make sound decisions around issues that impact them. She feels where there is a WILL there is a WAY to bring things to a resolve. She loves to see communities become engaged, to ask questions and become involved with the decision that is being made on their behalf. She loves community, she loves to see communities win, she loves to see communities win, she loves involvement and participation.

Early in her career, she worked as a Regional Director for FAIR Districts, which advocated for an amendment that was intended to prevent legislators from drawing lines to favor a party or incumbent. She also worked as a Regional Director of NextGen Climate to connect Climate control to black communities.

She served as NAACP Political Chair for Hillsborough County, hosting political forums, creating voter registration drives, and creating educational opportunities to engage the community in civic engagement and get out the vote efforts.

She served as the former President of the Hillsborough County Democratic Black Caucus and accomplished a shared goal to support and elect qualified leaders into office, to increase awareness in the community around issues that affect the daily lives of residents and to build a base for those who are interested in running for office.

She currently is the Regional Director of Florida Rising, Tampa Bay Region where she leads the mission to empower communities to fight on issues that concern them, along with providing tools and support to change policy around those issues and She is currently serves on the board for the Tampa Hillsborough Action Plan (THAP).

I believe that it is very important that we have someone in office who is consistent, who communicates with the community, who understands the issues and empowers our communities to move forward with a shared vision of success. I believe that education and communication results in an informed community that can raise their own voices to advocate for their issues.

The Issues

Affordable Housing

Rent is skyrocketing, and new apartment construction is lacking universal design. Affordable housing is a critical tool in our shared efforts to build a stronger, more vibrant, more inclusive future for all Tampa residents.

We must ensure that people from all walks of life can continue to live in our beautiful City, share in its vibrancy, and enjoy its diversity and energy. That is why ensuring access to safe, affordable housing and reducing homelessness are among my top priorities.

Water Quality

I will fight to protect and improve water quality in and around Tampa Bay. Like other waterways across Florida, Tampa Bay is losing its shine.

Clean water and flood control are serious topics we must address. The City of Tampa is growing fast and new robust resources to modernize local water and wastewater infrastructure, keeping costs down for homeowners is a must.


I believe that taxpayers need to be served by qualified government officials with strong oversight. As inflation and housing prices continue to rise, so should our economic status.

Who is fighting for this for us? We must make sure that this is a priority for the residents of Tampa so that they can thrive and build a future here. I am committed to building an agenda that does that. Community Engagement is also an issue with the City of Tampa, I think there needs to be a better way to get information out to the communities and to be more engaged with the community.

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